Friday, September 23, 2011

Emmys Emmys Emmys

    Tonight's the big night! The Falcons host the Eagles on NBC. But for a few of you it means the 88th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. I will post my review tomorrow but be forewarned: it will be a different review from years past.

    Speaking of years past, here are more of my observations from previous Emmy Award shows that might help get you geeked up for tonight's ceremony.

    It’s always strange seeing Tom Hanks on stage with Sally Field. She played his mother in FORREST GUMP and his girlfriend in PUNCHLINE.

    Evangeline Lily looks spectacular even when she’s not soaking wet and trapped in a net.

    It’s about time that Jim Parsons won for BIG BANG THEORY. He’s the young David Hyde-Pierce.

    For the first time ever the Emmys were shown live in Los Angeles. NBC recognized they were up against very stiff competition this year -- the Chabad Telethon.

    Jeff Probst – Best Reality Host. Hugh Laurie can’t win an Emmy but this guy now has two for saying “Wanna know what you’re playing for?” every friggin’ episode.

    How did Bruce Gowers win an Emmy for directing AMERICAN IDOL? First of all, it was in the musical-variety category. Isn’t AMERICAN IDOL a reality show? And second, how hard is it to direct AMERICAN IDOL? One singer at a time comes out and stands in the same spot. And the judges all sit at one table. Half the nimrods on YouTube could do that.

    Anyone who says Jewish girls don’t know how to dress didn’t see Sarah Silverman tonight in her Catholic Girl’s uniform.

    Jack Kevorkian was in attendance although at first I thought it was David Caruso.

    Nominating Minnie Driver and not Eddie Izzard for THE RICHES is like nominating Pam Dawber and not Robin Williams for MORK & MINDY.

    More surprises: Kyra Sedgwick, TOP CHEF beating perennial winner THE AMAZING RACE (they shouldn’t have cut corners by having the teams race through “It’s a Small World” this season).

    How LA is this? A winner at last week’s non-televised-so-who-cares ceremony brought his Emmy to the gym yesterday. The other Emmy winners who now can’t get jobs weren’t impressed.

    Best line of the night: Steve Colbert, “I lost to Barry Manilow?!”

    I was thrilled that MODERN FAMILY copped Best Comedy, thus keeping the tradition of comedic excellence alive for ABC. First TAXI in 1978, then THE WONDER YEARS in 1988 and now this.

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Emmys Emmys Emmys

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